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True to tradition

Today we toast to the glorious return to the roots of WIEZE! These roots date back to 1866 when the first brewing activities started in a small village called Wieze, at some 30 kilometers from Brussels.

In 1930, Wieze got its distinctive and time-honoured waiter logo designed by Raymond Van Doren.

Nowadays, Wieze brings together several generations: nostalgics fond of traditions as well as adventurers who love retro.

More about the beer

Our “Wieze”

Just like the Garçon, Wieze has character, class and a lot of stories to tell! The name of the beer is inextricably linked to the legendary October Festival and the iconic Garçon on the label. A contemporary high fermentation gem with a nod to the grandeur of the past.

Fermentation Top fermentation. 2nd fermentation in the bottle.
Beer style Wieze: a top-fermented gem.
Coulour and clarity Golden blond, clear to slightly hazy due to the 2nd fermentation
Aroma and flavour Fine bitterness, slightly spicy and with citrus notes. Mild flavour.
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No Wieze without the Garçon

On average, football players cover 11.2 km in 90 minutes.
Basketball players run a distance of approximately 4.8 km during a game.
And the Garçon? He easily walks over 20 km on an average working day, elegantly weaving his way around tables and carrying trays full of Wieze beers and coffees from the counter to the customer.

The Garçon slowly pours the Wieze in a glass, allowing the yeast to stay inside the bottle. Do you prefer your beer with a slightly more bitter taste? In that case he shakes the yeast at the bottom of the bottle loose. By the way, that bottom yeast is rich in vitamin B, which benefits your digestive system, skin and fertility. Think what you will about that – fans just love the taste.

As early as in the 1930s, Raymond Van Doren put waiters on a pedestal by creating the iconic logo of the “Garçon”.
And today, Wieze continues to put the Garçon in the spotlight: without him, there would be no perfect beer experience!


October festival.

Do you remember the legendary Wieze October festival?
Between 1956 and 1987, this famous beer festival brought beer lovers from all corners of the world to the Oktoberhallen in Wieze. At the height of its success, the festival lasted 15 days!

After a 31-year interval, the Wieze October Festival was again organised in 2018 and was an unprecedented success.

Did you mis the party of the year? Don’t panic! This year, the Oktoberhallen in Wieze will again be the venue for the two-day festival, where you can enjoy a 6-hour show and plenty of delicious beer. Mark 18 and 19 October 2019 on your calendar and inform all your friends!

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